About Us

My name is Wendy, I am the owner at Primavera Candle. I spent a year doing research in finding the best materials to make the best hand-crafted candles. I was so focused on my candle adventure that I even lost track to spend some time with my family.
I am so grateful for the love + support that my family provided during my business journey. I found myself and my own path through this crazy thing that I love to do.
I thank God for the opportunity that he gave me to have my own handmade candle business.

Our candles are hand-made and poured with each batch, to ensure a quality candle.
We use a luxury blend of soy & beeswax that is clean burning, non-toxic and comes from renewable resources.

Our fragrance oils are phtalate free. Our scents are meticulously cured for their complex profile and luxurious fragrance.

This combination of essential oils & wax ensures the best fragrance while your candle burns. 

Our whispering wicks are eco-friendly, clean burning and hand crafted in the USA.


Meet me at the Farmers Market in Surprise, AZ

It's been a pleasure the last couple of weeks being a part of the Farmers Market Community in Surprise, Arizona.

You can now purchase and smell our candles at the Farmers Market in Surprise.

- Wendy